Sunrise, sunset (P366 – April 28/29)

Jake Bouchard (@jbphto) from Old School Photo Lab issued a challenge recently. To paraphrase, "Everyone shoots sunsets. I want to see what the sun is setting ON." Here you go, Jake. 4/28 - Sunset in Deerfield, NH. And the object. Nikon FM2, Kodak Ektachrome E100G cross processed.And for good measure, here's sunrise the next morning over Salem… Continue reading Sunrise, sunset (P366 – April 28/29)

Experimental photography (P366)

With #MarchofFilm completed, I need to pay attention to Project 366 again. I've still been doing as much film shooting as possible. This past week saw two experiments, one successful and one not so much. First up was an attempt at red scale photography. Redscale is a technique where film is respooled backwards so the light… Continue reading Experimental photography (P366)