Spartus 35 – Week 75 results

The Spartus 35 provided a nice afternoon’s shooting. It’s relatively small, light, and simple to use. The viewfinder was useless, however, as it is full of dust. Cleaning the exterior made no difference. The shutter was also slower than I had guessed. All of my shots were a bit overexposed.   This week’s images were […]

Beirette – Week 72 results

Despite its precise Germanic appearance, the Beirette is a lightly built snapshot camera.  I found the controls easy to manipulate accidentally, and its versatility was somewhat limited by a maximum 1/125 shutter speed.  It reminded me a lot of my SMENAs; it was better looking but not as fun to use. A flat tire last […]

Spartus 35 – Week 75

The Spartus 35F “Model 400” is a Bakelite 35mm viewfinder camera manufactured by the Herold Mfg Co (Not Inc) of Chicago. It features scale focus and a single speed shutter. Four apertures are available which are selected by an aperture dial below the lens. It appears to have been made between 1951 and 1960. Mine […]

Holga 120N – Week 74

The Holga 120N was my entry into medium format. Prior to my return to film about 2 years ago, I knew nothing of things larger than 35mm. The Holga was an inexpensive way to learn. It features a zone focus plastic lens with symbols for Portrait, Single Person, Group, and Landscape. A switch selects different […]

Week 72 – Beirette

  This small viewfinder was manufactured in East Germany sometime between the mid 1970's and mid 1980's. I believe it is an early VSN model. It features a 1/125 shutter, f2.8 lens, and scale focus delineated in meters. Exposure is assisted by a series of symbols on the lens barrel in similar yet inverse fashion […]

Week 68 – Nishika N8000

For this week I’ve trotted out a curiosity. The Nishika N8000 is a stereo camera from the early 1990’s. It uses fixed focus lenses to take 4 simultaneous half-frame exposures on 35mm film. It was originally intended to use lenticular printing to create 3D images which could be seen with the naked eye. (Think of […]