June 24-27

June 24 – As Mrs. Mack505 puts it, the furrmily.  Clockwise from the orange one:  Hal, Noah, Chai, Sebby, and Clara. June 25 – the best looking thing at the New England Fire Chiefs’ Show was not for sale.  This is Freeport, ME’s 1939 ALF. June 26 – happy dog. June 27 – Electrotherapy atContinue reading “June 24-27”

Seashore Re-Qual (P365 – April 24)

Beth went with me to Seashore for the annual Requalification.  I’m now certified to drive streetcars at the museum for another year. Beth was very well-behaved.  After the proceedings and a few trolley rides, we wandered around the bus yard.  She was very fascinated, especially by this old Twin Coach bendy-bus.  More photos are hereContinue reading “Seashore Re-Qual (P365 – April 24)”