Five roads – P365 for January 17, 2010

A wide state road crosses rolling countryside in the pre-dawn darkness. I roll along at the speed limit, following a dim set of tail lights on the horizon ahead. I have a date with a sunrise. Houses emerge from the darkness and flash past; red brick farms with large white porches, small modulars and trailerContinue reading “Five roads – P365 for January 17, 2010”

Cabin Fever – P365 for January 16, 2010

So I’m in York, PA for the Cabin Fever Expo.  I met a local group down here for the chance to run our steam trains in the middle of the winter.  Unfortunately, I spent most of the day running trains or shopping, so I don’t have many good photos. I would like to send aContinue reading “Cabin Fever – P365 for January 16, 2010”

Thank you, John Cleese (P365 for January 15)

I drove today.  Not simply place the shifter in ‘D’, set the cruise control, and point the wheel toward Point B, but I actually drove.  Real two-hands-on-the-wheel, row-the-gears driving. I have a new GPS.  The old one had a voice which sounded like Sir Alec Guinness, so it had earned the nickname Obi-Wan.  I stillContinue reading “Thank you, John Cleese (P365 for January 15)”