Project 366 – Leap Day

2/27/12 -Playing with light, shadow, and the Fairlee 2/28/12 – Big Adventure – Sebastian and Chai make their annual pilgrimage to the vet. They were not impressed. 2/29/12 – Winter has finally decided to pay us a visit in time for Leap Day. It’s not much of a storm but it is pretty.  

This is not the photo you’re looking for, 2012 edition.

 January 25 – I went out to photograph a front yard in Newbury full of abandoned sleds.  They look pitiful sitting on the brown grass, but I just couldn’t set up the shot.  Instead I caught MBTA #66 on approach to the Hanover Street crossing.  66 is on lease from MARC to alleviate a powerContinue reading “This is not the photo you’re looking for, 2012 edition.”

Catching Up (P365 – June 12-15)

June 12 – It rained on our parade. Actually it rained just after our parade, but it still dampened the festivities. June 13 – Beth kicks back in the moonbounce after her party. We entertained most of her Kindergarten class in celebration of the end of the year. June 14 – Operation Lifesaver pushes theContinue reading “Catching Up (P365 – June 12-15)”