Trolley Museum

April 21 was requalification day at Seashore Trolley Museum. One weekend every spring, the volunteers descend on Kennebunkport to renew our trolley driver's licenses. Picnic Grove Visitors' Center  DwarfNikon FM2, 20mm lens, expired Portra 160. If you want it to look like an old picture, shoot with old film. 

Project 366 – Leap Day

2/27/12 -Playing with light, shadow, and the Fairlee2/28/12 - Big Adventure - Sebastian and Chai make their annual pilgrimage to the vet. They were not impressed. 2/29/12 - Winter has finally decided to pay us a visit in time for Leap Day. It's not much of a storm but it is pretty. 

This is not the photo you’re looking for, 2012 edition.

 January 25 - I went out to photograph a front yard in Newbury full of abandoned sleds.  They look pitiful sitting on the brown grass, but I just couldn't set up the shot.  Instead I caught MBTA #66 on approach to the Hanover Street crossing.  66 is on lease from MARC to alleviate a power… Continue reading This is not the photo you’re looking for, 2012 edition.