FPP Plastic Filmtastic Debonair – week 39 results

The Plastic Filmtastic is a nice, light toy camera. The shutter is easy to fire with a nice click, and it lends itself easily to artistic double exposures. I was impressed with the performance of my old roll of Lomography CN400. I left the film edge with identifying marks in some of my images. I… Continue reading FPP Plastic Filmtastic Debonair – week 39 results

Week 39 – FPP Plastic Filmtastic 120

  This week I felt like a toy camera, yet something large. I chose the Film Photography Project's 'Plastic Filmtastic 120.' According to the folks at FPP, this camera was made in an unknown factory overseas years ago and was recently discovered in a warehouse in upstate New York. It has a 60mm f8 plastic… Continue reading Week 39 – FPP Plastic Filmtastic 120