Alley – 011713

  Ramp – 1/16/13 Polaroid SX70 / Impossible PX70 Color Protection I want to love this camera. It's a marvelous piece of engineering, but I just can't seem to get the exposure right. I will have to keep trying. Alley – 1/17/13 Polaroid Automatic 230 / Fuji FP3000b This one had a little issue with […]

Impossible 365 – 011113

  01/09/13 Happy Birthday-Eve! Sun 660 Autofocus / Impossible PX600 Color Protection Years ago I accidentally created a tradition of bringing home a dozen balloons on someone's birthday. . .   1/10/13 In God We Trust SX70 / Impossible PX100 Color Protection   I seem to be getting the exposure thing under control.   1/11/13 […]

High Rock – 010813

High Rock – 1/8/13 SX-70 Series 2 / Impossible PX70 Color Protection I haven’t had the best of luck with my folding SX70. It’s a cool camera and I want to like it, but I haven’t quite worked out the exposure yet. The rest of today’s shots were overexposed to the point of being ruined. […]