Cat, wheel – 012013

  Arminta – 1/19/13 aka “Minty,” she's a full sister to our Sebastian and Noah and is named after my great grandmother   Resolution – 1/20/13 Sun 660 Autofocus / PX680 Color Protection I have a long history with this bicycle. I bought it new in high school after an unfortunate crash totaled my oldContinue reading “Cat, wheel – 012013”

Comparison – 011813

  River I – 1/18/13 Polaroid Sun 660 Autofocus / Impossible PX680 Color Protection   River II – 1/18/13 Polaroid Automatic 230 / Fuji FP100c   Friday brought the chance to compare formats and films. These were both taken moments apart, same location. Neither has been post-processed. It's a nice comparison between the two camerasContinue reading “Comparison – 011813”

Impossible 365 – 011113

  01/09/13 Happy Birthday-Eve! Sun 660 Autofocus / Impossible PX600 Color Protection Years ago I accidentally created a tradition of bringing home a dozen balloons on someone's birthday. . .   1/10/13 In God We Trust SX70 / Impossible PX100 Color Protection   I seem to be getting the exposure thing under control.   1/11/13Continue reading “Impossible 365 – 011113”