Minolta 16P – week 55 results

I like the 16P. Of my subminiature collection, it is my favorite so far. My Minolta 16 is completely manual, but the settings are easily disturbed. The 16MG has a coupled selenium meter with a match needle, but there is still no way to know exactly what the camera is doing. You simply align the […]

Week 55 – Minolta 16P

The Minolta 16P is the third variant Minolta’s  16mm subminiature line featured on this blog. (See Minolta 16 and Minolta 16MG.) Produced from 1960 to 1965, it was a budget minded contemporary of the original 16. Unlike its fancier sibling, it does not fold. It has a single, fixed 1/100s shutter speed. Aperture is manually […]