Olympus OM-PC – week 73 results

After its mirror repair, I enjoyed using the OM-PC. It performed as expected once I read the manual. Initially the difference between the Program and Aperture Priority modes was not readily apparent. Setting the aperture to its smallest (highest number) allows the circuitry to automatically select both aperture and speed when in Program mode. There […]

Week 73 – Olympus OM-PC

Produced between 1985 and 1987, the OM-PC was the last consumer level model in Olympus’ OM line. It features program, aperture priority, and manual modes. Aperture is selected by a standard ring on the lens. Shutter speed is adjusted using a ring on the camera body behind the lens in similar fashion to the rest […]

Minolta X-7A – week 69 results

Many cameras leave an impression with me. I either want to use them again immediately or I really dislike them. The X-7A was neither. It feels like a perfectly adequate SLR with a few slightly odd controls. It didn’t annoy me, but I didn’t love it either. The on/off switch is odd, and I often […]

Week 69 – Minolta X-7A

The Minolta X-7A has been hard for me to pin down. It’s a consumer level manual focus SLR from sometime in the 1980s. It appears to be an alternate version of the X-370, which in turn was a down rated version of the X-570. It features aperture priority automation as well as a full manual […]

Nikon N65 – week 61 results

The N65 performed as expected on vacation. I primarily used the Automatic and Night Scene modes. Night Scene uses the flash to illuminate the foreground subject, while a slow shutter speed captures the darker background, like this: These next two were taken within minutes of each other and demonstrate how the light meter can be […]

Week 61 – Nikon N65

Introduced in 2001, the N65 was among the last of Nikon’s consumer-level film SLR’s.  It’s plastic body sports full automatic modes, built in flash, manual overrides, and autofocus capability.  In short, it does everything you might expect from a modern SLR. The N65 is one of my guilt cameras. Mrs. Mack505 gave one to me […]

Nikon FG – Week 57 results

I like the FG. I’m not sure why they aren’t more popular. It has full manual settings, yet the addition of aperture priority and program automatic modes make it easy to shoot in almost any conditions. I defeated the handy size of the FG’s body by fitting one of my large zoom lenses and taking […]

Bronica update

I haven’t forgotten to post results, I’ve just had a few setbacks. I loved shooting the Bronica S2. The waist-level finder is big and bright, making focus easy. The aperture ring is large and easy to adjust. The sound of the shutter and mirror is fabulous. There was a slight issue with a sticky aperture. […]