Week 44 – Firehouse

On the day after Christmas, I spent a brief hour covering the watch desk at the firehouse.  My Mamiyaflex was calling to me. The light was borderline even for Lomochrome Purple; most of these required a fair bit of post processing.  I still love them.   Camera: Mamiyaflex TLR Lens: 80mm Film: Lomochrome Purple Developed […]

Week 28 – Predelivery

I continue to shoot film regularly, but I’ve fallen behind with scanning and posting. Week 25 featured the delivery of my fire company’s newest addition.  The week prior, we went to the dealer for pre-delivery inspection.  This was our first view when we entered the garage.  It looks strange without its stripes.I brought along my […]

Week 23 – Firehouse

One of the downsides of being a busy camera collector is that I often can’t remember details of my shoots.  I recently finished a roll of Velvia 100 slide film around the firehouse, but I cannot remember which camera I was using.  It was something 35mm, and probably a Nikon SLR. Stickman gets in so […]