Today figured pretty high on my list of days I hope never to repeat.  We lost Noah unexpectedly. I will write in due course, but it’s too raw right now. I’ve been frittering away the evening scanning negatives and watching YouTube.  These are taken with my new ONDU 6×6 pinhole on Portra 400 during my […]

P6*6 mods

Todd Schlemmer’s P6*6 3D printed pinhole camera is tons of fun.  I’m continually amazed that it sprang from his mind though an I/O device into reality. We truly live in an amazing world. 3D printing lends itself to continuous improvement. One of Todd’s first additions was a clip to better secure the camera’s top plate. […]

P6*6 – week 48 results

My experience with the P6*6 was a case of the good, the bad, and the not-so ugly. First the good: as I mentioned in my earlier post, assembly was easy. I enjoyed carrying and shooting with it. I used the Pinhole Assist app on my iPhone as a combination meter/reciprocity calculator, and the exposure results […]

Week 48 – P6*6

This week’s camera is something very different. The P6*6 is a 3D printed pinhole camera by Todd Schlemm. He sells it as a kit, or you can download the designs and print it yourself. It has a 0.3mm pinhole, a 50mm focal length, and uses 120 film to make 6×6 exposures. I purchased the kit. […]

ONDU Pocket Pinhole – week 47 results

My first impression of the ONDU Pocket Pinhole was that it’s beautiful. Finely crafted wood just has a look that no modern digital camera will ever achieve. It’s also simple. The shutter is a pivoting bar which covers the pinhole and his held closed by a powerful magnet. The wooden film advance and rewind knobs […]

Week 47 – ONDU Pocket Pinhole

  Crowd-financed by Kickstarter and custom made in Slovenia, the ONDU Pocket Pinhole is the smallest of a line of beautifully crafted wooden pinhole cameras. It features an f=125 pinhole and uses any standard 35mm film. I’ve loaded Ilford FP4 for my first roll. The original Kickstarter production run has sold out, but the are […]

Christmas in . . . January?

Yesterday the mailman brought me two packages which both serve to highlight the wonders of film photography in the Internet age. On the right is my ONDU 35mm pinhole camera. Funded by Kickstarter and produced in Slovenia, it's a simple wooden thing of beauty. Initial reports from other ONDU owners have been favorable, and I […]