Silence The low hum of fluorescent workshop lights No TV; no family The gentle rasp of an old abused paintbrush A project draws to completion I can hear my breathing; feel the blood in my veins Heating pumps click and whir The boiler whooshes to life Oh, hello Hal

P365: 9/15-9/19, and JDRF

I will put up a more detailed post later, but this year I’m walking to raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.  My fundraising page can be easily found here. If I could get just $1 from each of my readers, Tweeps, and FB friends I’d be ecstatic. 9/15 – Kites at the beach.Continue reading “P365: 9/15-9/19, and JDRF”

A week without photos (P365: August 16-21)

Photoblogging was light this week.  In fact, it was nonexistent.  We were out of town at the Big E in Springfield for the Mass Morgan Horse Show.  Internet was limited to what I could access via the iPhone, although I did achieve one text-only post. The fairgrounds did have WiFi, but for $$$.  I triedContinue reading “A week without photos (P365: August 16-21)”

Six Million Dollar Doghouse

Long, long ago in a garage not so far from here. . . . . .my grandfather built a doghouse for my childhood dog. Like most of Gramp’s carpentry, it was built from available materials and it was built to last. Mitzi the miniature beagle spent many sunny afternoons in it. It was painted redContinue reading “Six Million Dollar Doghouse”