Mrs. Mack 5o5 handed me the package with a tear in her eye.  “Open it.” I knew what the box contained.  Inside the cardboard, wrapped in tissue paper, was a beautifully finished small wooden box. . . —— In the spring of 2000, five kittens were born to a wild mother in a small feral […]

Take your dog to work

So the internet has decreed that today was Take Your Dog to Work Day. At first I thought it wouldn't work, then I reconsidered. Long stretches on the couch. Blasting across town, head out the open window, tongue lolling in the wind. Howling along with the siren. Yeah, Cricket might enjoy it too. 🙂   […]

The week in review 2.9.13

2.1.13 Impulse Autofocus / Impossible PX680 CP 2.2.13 Retired Automatic 250 / FP100c 2.3.13 Horizontal Impulse Autofocus / Impossible PX680 CP 2.4.13 WOW! Closed. Automatic 250 / FP100c There’s just something about Salisbury Beach in the winter. 2.5.13 Knox Box Spectra / PZ680 Hand-held long exposure 2.6.13 Jasmine Spectra / PZ680 Here she is, the […]


It’s not supposed to be this way.   I stand in the long glass hallway of Big City Trauma Center, back to the windows as a throng of humanity streams past.   We knew her life might be shortened when we adopted.  Shortened however isn’t supposed to mean short. It’s not supposed to be this […]

Light (P366 – April 26)

4/26 – Beth & Cricket. I was experimenting with alternative lighting using a new flash slave adapter. This little $5 gizmo fires its flash when it sees another flash fire. It has lots of possibilities, and I highly recommend picking one up. 4/28 – First day with the new (to me) Minolta HiMatic AF2. I […]

Project 366 – Leap Day

2/27/12 -Playing with light, shadow, and the Fairlee 2/28/12 – Big Adventure – Sebastian and Chai make their annual pilgrimage to the vet. They were not impressed. 2/29/12 – Winter has finally decided to pay us a visit in time for Leap Day. It’s not much of a storm but it is pretty.  

Project 366 – 39, 40, 41

I reached the end of the week feeling short on photographs, but a spin through the Photostream saved the day.  2/8 – I spent the day in the Training Division.  The class was good, but the biggest thing I learned is that I can’t stand the commute.  I haven’t had to do the 9-5 Boston […]

Save the puppies!

Got your attention? On Saturday, 2/11 I will be spinning with a team from my gym in the MSPCA’s 9th Annual Tour de Pooch.  All money raised will go to support the operation of MSPCA’s Nevins Farm in Methuen, MA.  Nevins is a major local animal shelter and the only one in Massachusetts capable of […]