My Minolta Uniomat rangefinder is proving to be a fun find. I won’t give a detailed review here, but simply say I find it well balanced and a pleasure to shoot. It doesn’t allow for as much control as a fully manual camera, but it takes nice shots. These were shot on expired Tri-X onContinue reading “Uniomat”


One of the difficulties with a 365 Project is the need for good notes, especially when you don’t keep up with posting. 5/16 “Boardwalk.”   5/17 was a Wordless Wednesday feature.   5/18 “Wyoma afternoon.” 5/19 “Zoo train”   5/20 “low tide”   5/21 “canine photobomb”   5/22 “impossible barn” 5/23 is a separate postContinue reading “Backlog”