FP4 party #1

Minolta SRT201/135mm / Ilford FP4 in HC110b 9:00 Shot for December’s #fp4party on Twitter. I just got around to developing now. From a short roll of 12 there were at least 4 keepers, but my favorite shot was water spotted. We’ll see if a rewash saves them.

Week 80 – Minolta Autopak 400X

The cameras are back! I’ve written a bit about 126 cameras before; for this session I chose the Minolta Autopak 400X. Launched in 1972, the 400X’s claim to fame is its selenium light meter. It automatically selects between 1/45 and 1/90 shutter speeds based on available light. A mechanical system turns the viewfinder red if […]

Minolta X-7A – week 69 results

Many cameras leave an impression with me. I either want to use them again immediately or I really dislike them. The X-7A was neither. It feels like a perfectly adequate SLR with a few slightly odd controls. It didn’t annoy me, but I didn’t love it either. The on/off switch is odd, and I often […]

Week 69 – Minolta X-7A

The Minolta X-7A has been hard for me to pin down. It’s a consumer level manual focus SLR from sometime in the 1980s. It appears to be an alternate version of the X-370, which in turn was a down rated version of the X-570. It features aperture priority automation as well as a full manual […]

Minolta 16P – week 55 results

I like the 16P. Of my subminiature collection, it is my favorite so far. My Minolta 16 is completely manual, but the settings are easily disturbed. The 16MG has a coupled selenium meter with a match needle, but there is still no way to know exactly what the camera is doing. You simply align the […]

Week 55 – Minolta 16P

The Minolta 16P is the third variant Minolta’s  16mm subminiature line featured on this blog. (See Minolta 16 and Minolta 16MG.) Produced from 1960 to 1965, it was a budget minded contemporary of the original 16. Unlike its fancier sibling, it does not fold. It has a single, fixed 1/100s shutter speed. Aperture is manually […]

Week 44 – Minolta Weathermatic 35DL

  The Minolta Weathermatic 35DL is a big brother to the Weathermatic A reviewed back in week 7.  It’s a fully automatic, water- and weatherproof 35mm point and shoot.  Everything from advance to flash is fully automated and motorized, with no options available.  The DL stands for Dual Lens; a button on top switches between […]

Week 41 – Minolta Uniomat

At one point I had a 4 week review rotation on this blog: Rangefinders/SLRs Medium format & larger Subminiature Point & shoot, instant, toys & oddities Special occasions and my G.A.S. derailed it.This week begins a new cycle, so I have a rangefinder for you. The Minolta Uniomat is a beefy rangefinder manufactured from 1960-65. […]