Incidents and accidents, hints and allegations

Today has been the final day of the Farewell Tour. My last shift on the Eastern Front has brought lots of handshakes and well-wishes. Who knows when I'll be back. Every shift is somehow memorable, but this one has had compartment doors opening at inopportune times, a minor crash, and a surprisingly nice interaction with… Continue reading Incidents and accidents, hints and allegations

Medic 6

I sit enjoying the warm solstice evening, reading a good book in the garage. The city has had no love for us today. A reported diabetic who only wanted a cup of coffee. A morbidly obese patient who called 911 looking for a wheelchair van. A reported overdose in a fast food bathroom. I haven't… Continue reading Medic 6

Funny thing about firemen. . .

“Eighty-Two to Ancestral Hometown Fire Alarm, advise responding units I can confirm smoke showing on Near Horizon Mountain. It looks like it's somewhere on the northeast shoulder.” “Received Eighty-Two. Fire Alarm to all AHFD units, Rescue 82 confirms smoke showing at that location.” My sister lowered her binoculars. Even without their aid, the column of… Continue reading Funny thing about firemen. . .

The Show Must Go On

“We've got a fire on the stage!” I tore from the back of the Performing Arts office, sprinting for the Stage Right doors. I grew up in a firehouse. I always knew someday I'd be not only a firefighter, but that special breed above all else, a ROWLEY firefighter. Episodes of 'Emergency!' piqued my interest… Continue reading The Show Must Go On

Reciprocation, and perspective

This morning I've received my first official outside link. Kal over at accepted my submission for this month's edition of the Handover Blog Carnival. Read the post, and check out what some other great EMS bloggers are doing. From there you can follow the links to past monthly editions and see some of my… Continue reading Reciprocation, and perspective