Medic 6

I sit enjoying the warm solstice evening, reading a good book in the garage. The city has had no love for us today. A reported diabetic who only wanted a cup of coffee. A morbidly obese patient who called 911 looking for a wheelchair van. A reported overdose in a fast food bathroom. I haven’t […]

Funny thing about firemen. . .

“Eighty-Two to Ancestral Hometown Fire Alarm, advise responding units I can confirm smoke showing on Near Horizon Mountain. It looks like it’s somewhere on the northeast shoulder.” “Received Eighty-Two. Fire Alarm to all AHFD units, Rescue 82 confirms smoke showing at that location.” My sister lowered her binoculars. Even without their aid, the column of […]

Self indulgence

In the description of this blog, I refer to myself as a ‘firefighter, paramedic, train buff, family man.’ Most of my inspired writing lately has been fire/EMS related. A bit of self-indulgence, if you would: Beth began school today. Real, yellow-bus, lunch-in-a-big-room SCHOOL. I’m so proud. Where did all the time go? It seems like […]

The Show Must Go On

“We’ve got a fire on the stage!” I tore from the back of the Performing Arts office, sprinting for the Stage Right doors. I grew up in a firehouse. I always knew someday I’d be not only a firefighter, but that special breed above all else, a ROWLEY firefighter. Episodes of ‘Emergency!’ piqued my interest […]

Inn at Ellis River

Stayed here for a couple nights away for our anniversary. We hiked down Canon Mtn via the Kinsman Ridge trail and got really beat up. The trail was in horrid shape; I don’t know if it’s from the recent bad weather or just hard use. I guess there’s a reason they recommend you hike UP […]