There is a memorial plaque in town. I pass it regularly. I remember. I remember a sunny Saturday morning drilling at the firehouse. I remember swearing loudly and running to the engine when the tones dropped. I remember almost overshooting the address, and I remember the horrid moaning sound the engine's radial tires made asContinue reading “Memory”

Memorial Day

“Fire Alarm to responding units, the caller reports the patient is turning blue.” It’s a ‘nice’ neighborhood; one where we don’t often see an overdose. We arrive in the kitchen of a well-kept single family home to find the firefighters manually breathing for our patient. He’s not our usual heroin overdose patient, either. He’s inContinue reading “Memorial Day”

Five roads – P365 for January 17, 2010

A wide state road crosses rolling countryside in the pre-dawn darkness. I roll along at the speed limit, following a dim set of tail lights on the horizon ahead. I have a date with a sunrise. Houses emerge from the darkness and flash past; red brick farms with large white porches, small modulars and trailerContinue reading “Five roads – P365 for January 17, 2010”