Week 46 – Kodak Tourist

Introduced in 1951, the Tourist was the last of Kodak's folding models. It uses medium format 620 film to produce 8 big 6×9 cm exposures. Tourists were available with a number of different lens/shutter combinations; mine is a lower end model with a fixed-focus Kodet lens in a single speed shutter. Shutter modes include (I)nstant,Continue reading “Week 46 – Kodak Tourist”

FPP Plastic Filmtastic Debonair – week 39 results

The Plastic Filmtastic is a nice, light toy camera. The shutter is easy to fire with a nice click, and it lends itself easily to artistic double exposures. I was impressed with the performance of my old roll of Lomography CN400. I left the film edge with identifying marks in some of my images. IContinue reading “FPP Plastic Filmtastic Debonair – week 39 results”

Week 39 – FPP Plastic Filmtastic 120

  This week I felt like a toy camera, yet something large. I chose the Film Photography Project's 'Plastic Filmtastic 120.' According to the folks at FPP, this camera was made in an unknown factory overseas years ago and was recently discovered in a warehouse in upstate New York. It has a 60mm f8 plasticContinue reading “Week 39 – FPP Plastic Filmtastic 120”

Kodak Vigilant Six-20 Junior – week 31 addendum

After the original failure, I loaded a roll of FP4 and took the Vigilant to Deerfield Fair. The results were equally poor. This was the only remotely salvageable image on the roll. I don't really know what is going wrong. My best guess is that the bellows may not be light tight. The spaces betweenContinue reading “Kodak Vigilant Six-20 Junior – week 31 addendum”

Kodak Vigilant Six-20 Junior – week 31 results

The Six-20 is a relatively easy camera to shoot. The lens is fixed focus; there is only one effective shutter speed. The only variable is aperture. The tiny waist level finder is all but useless, however. The sport finder is slightly better but is still only vaguely accurate. I find folders simply fun to use.Continue reading “Kodak Vigilant Six-20 Junior – week 31 results”

Week 31 – Kodak Vigilant Junior Six-20

   Produced between 1940 and 1948, the Vigilant Junior Six-20 is a folding camera for 620 roll film. It takes 8 6x9cm exposures per roll. The lens is a fixed focus Kodet with apertures from f12.5 to f32. The simple shutter has three ‘speeds’: Time, Bulb, and Instant. Framing is via a folding sport finderContinue reading “Week 31 – Kodak Vigilant Junior Six-20”

52 Cameras – Week 18 results – Yashica D

I really enjoyed the D. When shooting a TLR I’ve found that a good neck strap is a necessity. My FPP Super Groovy strap fits the bill. This camera has a nice, bright waist-level viewfinder. The motion is smooth and solid when focusing, winding, or shooting. I shot the entire roll on an overcast hikingContinue reading “52 Cameras – Week 18 results – Yashica D”