Week 22 – WOW!

I have slowed my camera collecting recently and have even de-accessioned pieces which I don’t care about. This spring I spent a few weeks watching a Craigslist ad for a Mamiyaflex C2, and when it didn’t move I gave the owner a call. I have heard great things about Mamiya TLRs. At first blush I […]

Week 84 – Baby Graphic

For this week, something slightly different.  Located in the center above is my 1947 Graflex 2×3 Pacemaker Speed Graphic.  (Pictured either side are the Pacemaker Crown Graphic 4×5 and a Nikon FM2 for size comparison.)  I purchased it on Craigslist a year or so ago.  From the description, I initially thought it was another 4×5 […]

Holga 120N – Week 74

The Holga 120N was my entry into medium format. Prior to my return to film about 2 years ago, I knew nothing of things larger than 35mm. The Holga was an inexpensive way to learn. It features a zone focus plastic lens with symbols for Portrait, Single Person, Group, and Landscape. A switch selects different […]

Week 70 – Yashicamat LM

Summer is here with all its attendant craziness. I've still been shooting, but finding the time to develop, scan, and write has been difficult. For this past week I chose the Yashicamat LM, a TLR from 1958-1964. I wrote a post of first impressions with it before I'd started 52 Cameras. I loaded it with […]

Kodak Duaflex IV – Week 66 Results

I like the Duaflex. I've called it a pseudo-TLR before, but I've decided to drop that appellation. It has two lenses and a reflex mirror. By definition, this makes it a Twin Lens Reflex. As I experiment with more cameras, the line between TLR and pseudo- becomes harder to define. My Duaflex has character. The […]

P6*6 mods

Todd Schlemmer’s P6*6 3D printed pinhole camera is tons of fun.  I’m continually amazed that it sprang from his mind though an I/O device into reality. We truly live in an amazing world. 3D printing lends itself to continuous improvement. One of Todd’s first additions was a clip to better secure the camera’s top plate. […]