Week 50 – Polaroid Automatic 103

It occurred to me recently that I hadn’t showcased any of my Polaroid pack-film cameras.  They are uniquely physical and satisfying to use. My collection includes a pair of cameras with family history; Dad bought the 230 when he returned from the army, and Gramp bought the 220 for a trip to Bermuda. As itContinue reading “Week 50 – Polaroid Automatic 103”

Impossibly Impossible – 010513

It's cold, and my cameras don't want to play. The Automatic 250 has decided to randomly stop firing its shutter. I did get a couple successful shots, then the tabs on the film began to rip improperly and get out of sequence. Foster Towers, 1/4/13 When it works, it takes fabulous shots.   Backup thisContinue reading “Impossibly Impossible – 010513”