Week 71 – Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

The newest addition to my collection is the Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic. This latest addition to Fuji's Instax line has a more refined look and better controls than previous Instax models, and it has the advantage of film being available in major discount stores.It features multiple shooting modes including portrait, sport, landscape, bulb,… Continue reading Week 71 – Fuji Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic

Polaroid Colorpack II – Week 64 Results

The Colorpack II is a cool Polaroid, if a bit quirky. The scale focusing is simple to use, and there is a mirror arrangement which makes the setting visible in the viewfinder. There are two apertures, marked 75 and 3000 for color and B&W film respectively. When shooting 3000 ASA B&W film, the depth of… Continue reading Polaroid Colorpack II – Week 64 Results

Week 38 – Polaroid SX-70 Model 2

In 1972, Edwin Land and his Polaroid Corporation introduced a revolutionary camera. The SX70 was potentially the iPod of its time, a whole new way of doing things. A press of the button produced a color image with no photo lab, no timing, no cracking and peeling. The picture simply happened automatically. It wasn't cheap,… Continue reading Week 38 – Polaroid SX-70 Model 2

Week 33 – Polaroid Spectra II

And now for something completely different. . . The Spectra System was probably Polaroid's last great idea. It uses a slightly larger format than the SX70/600 series cameras, and it produces a rectangular image rather than square. My Spectra II is a $6 thrift store find with sonar autofocus, autoexposure, built-in flash, and a self… Continue reading Week 33 – Polaroid Spectra II