Service (i366 2016.01.14)

I like my VW dealer. Their showroom is a fabulously sunny spot to spend an hour or two, and the service department provides WiFi and coffee.  I love the look of the new Golf Sportwagens, but my 2011 has something they don't: it's paid off.     (Thanks for the WiFi, guys.)

Snow? (i366 2016.01.12)

The forecast is for snow, but with rain at the coast. This means we could get anything from a few light showers to a raging blizzard.  I'm ready though. . .     . . .and Sammie has found a cozy spot to bed down. We may get weather after all.  

Sugar Raised (i366 2016.01.10)

Our hero arises with the first rooster's crow, leaving his family asleep in their warm beds. He ventures into the cold wet gloom; a man on a mission.  Undeterred by the fog and increasing rain he presses onward until, like a miraculous neon sunrise, it appears on the horizon above Lincoln Avenue.