A week without photos (P365: August 16-21)

Photoblogging was light this week.  In fact, it was nonexistent.  We were out of town at the Big E in Springfield for the Mass Morgan Horse Show.  Internet was limited to what I could access via the iPhone, although I did achieve one text-only post. The fairgrounds did have WiFi, but for $$$.  I triedContinue reading “A week without photos (P365: August 16-21)”

Horse Ambulance (P365 – 4/21)

On the way to work I passed the MSPCA/Nevins Farm Equine Ambulance at Dunkin Donuts.  (But not my Dunkin Donuts.)  This is their new, smaller rig. My co-workers snicker at the concept of a horse ambulance, but I’ve trained with these guys and they are great.  They specialize in injured sport horses, and they carryContinue reading “Horse Ambulance (P365 – 4/21)”