4802 feet

My sister and I conquered out first 4000-footer today.  Mount Moosilauke actually wasn't very hard.  It's a good start, but I don't intend to become a hardcore peak bagger.  7.4 miles round trip, with about 2500 feet in elevation change.

Funny thing about firemen. . .

“Eighty-Two to Ancestral Hometown Fire Alarm, advise responding units I can confirm smoke showing on Near Horizon Mountain. It looks like it's somewhere on the northeast shoulder.” “Received Eighty-Two. Fire Alarm to all AHFD units, Rescue 82 confirms smoke showing at that location.” My sister lowered her binoculars. Even without their aid, the column of… Continue reading Funny thing about firemen. . .

Oshkosh, B’Gosh

Just posted the companion to this over at Firepics.net. Click here for more from the album. Iain and I found this on I-95 back in 11/05. You don't often see a P-15 loose in the wild. This one was retired from Pease AFB and was headed to its new home on the West Coast.