End of Trail

“The mountains are calling and I must answer.” I know not what attracts me to these mountains. They are pretty; they are majestic. I vacationed here as a child. They beckon to me with peace and calm even when out of my sight. And sometimes, I must go for a hike. I sit on a […]

Seeking the Peak

It’s that time of year again, when I join the Mount Washington Observatory’s fundraiser, Seek the Peak.  Last year I attacked New England’s Highest Peak, Home of the World’s Worst Weather, and succeeded before lunch.  I also got some cool swag. This year Beth decided she wanted to climb with me.  We dutifully registered for […]


Today figured pretty high on my list of days I hope never to repeat.  We lost Noah unexpectedly. I will write in due course, but it’s too raw right now. I’ve been frittering away the evening scanning negatives and watching YouTube.  These are taken with my new ONDU 6×6 pinhole on Portra 400 during my […]

Carter Notch Hut

Spring training continued on May 31 with a hike to AMC’s Carter Notch Hut.  The weather was perfect (finally), and I observed a pine marten hunting along the trail while hiking in. Wildcat ‘A’ is a short side trail from Carter Notch which allowed me to add a 4000-footer to my spring training regime.  The […]

Bring on the mountain (a walk in the woods part 3)

May 24 allowed me to finally set foot on Mt. Washington.  The day remained overcast with a threat of thunder showers, but conditions were OK for a hke.  My initial objective was Hermit Lake at the foot of Tuckerman’s Ravine.  It’s a comon spring hike for me. I saw only one other hiker on my […]

A Walk in the Woods, redux. . .

The training continues.  The day after my fire tower adventure, I headed north.  The weather in the valley remained nice if a bit dry.  The forecast in Franconia Notch was for snow showers as I left for Lonesome Lake Hut. We had a little more than snow showers.  I was hiking alone and not equipped […]

A walk in the woods. . .

Spring is here. With my impending hike of Mount Washington, I have felt the urge to get out on the trails and warm up a bit.  Yesterday I had an hour to spare, so I took a brief trek to the fire tower at Pawtuckaway State Park. Best laid plans. . . I took a […]

Turning goals into reality

For years I have had a soft goal of climbing Mount Washington.  I have summited numerous times, but always by motorized conveyance.  I have driven it more times than I can count and ridden up the tracks propelled by both steam and BioDiesel.  It is a wondrous place. On foot I’ve climbed as high as […]

The return of 52 Rolls – Week 32

I haven’t forgotten about the 52 Rolls project; I just haven’t been scanning and posting.  Frankly, I forgot my password to the site and am sick to death of password reset protocols.  (Proper password discipline is a pain.) Back in July, Rescue 82 and I took the dogs on an interesting jaunt.  Seashore Trolley Museum […]