The Handover – Passion edition

Welcome to Volume 2, Number 1 of the Handover, a blog carnival by and for EMS.  I’m very proud to be hosting it here at Notes from Mosquito Hill this month.  I’ve been participating since Kal hosted the carnival last July, and I count myself lucky to be among such exalted company. Prehospital medicine isContinue reading “The Handover – Passion edition”

I’m not overweight, I’m overequipped (Project 365 – February 12)

To continue another meme from a few other bloggers I read: I’m not overweight, I’m overequipped. Behold, the contents of Mack505’s pockets. Right front pocket – headphones, business card holder Left front pocket – nail clipper, Chapstick, USB thumb drive, Albuterol inhaler, hand sanitizer, pocket knife (currently Schrade X-Timer, sometimes a Kershaw) Left hip pocketContinue reading “I’m not overweight, I’m overequipped (Project 365 – February 12)”

The Handover

The 1st Anniversary Edition of The Handover is up over at Gomerville. Buck has some great stuff this month.  Go check it out! And then come back here, because I’m hosting it next month.

The Show Must Go On

“We’ve got a fire on the stage!” I tore from the back of the Performing Arts office, sprinting for the Stage Right doors. I grew up in a firehouse. I always knew someday I’d be not only a firefighter, but that special breed above all else, a ROWLEY firefighter. Episodes of ‘Emergency!’ piqued my interestContinue reading “The Show Must Go On”