YouTube is great for wasting time

I have another post cooking, but for now here’s a video tidbit to enjoy: Shot from the ramp of our station this morning. Between the ongoing monsoon and a stubborn camera battery, this was the best shot I could get. Newbury Ladder 3 was passing through town en route to a mutual aid assignmentContinue reading “YouTube is great for wasting time”

Funny thing about firemen. . .

“Eighty-Two to Ancestral Hometown Fire Alarm, advise responding units I can confirm smoke showing on Near Horizon Mountain. It looks like it’s somewhere on the northeast shoulder.” “Received Eighty-Two. Fire Alarm to all AHFD units, Rescue 82 confirms smoke showing at that location.” My sister lowered her binoculars. Even without their aid, the column ofContinue reading “Funny thing about firemen. . .”

A note to the general public

My ambulance has 22 flashing lights. Red, white, amber; strobe, halogen, LED; we have a little of everything. Eleven of those lights face forward, accompanied by a 200-watt electronic siren in case you somehow don’t see them. The headlights flash, too. So, Mister Member of the Public, when I approach you with my 22 flashingContinue reading “A note to the general public”