Operator, what’s the number for 911?

“Hometown Fire Department, this line is recorded. What is the nature of your emergency?” (Yes, our Red Line still goes BRRIIIIIING. It’s also still red and was built by Ma Bell. It’s a wonderful throwback to another era.) Elderly Voice: “I burned some popcorn in the microwave, and I don’t want the fire alarm to […]


Today marks the official end of Project 365 for 2010. When I started it on 1/2/10, I had no idea where it would take me. With all of the negative memories from 2010, I’m glad I have a positive photographic record. In the end I missed a few days, and a few others have multiple […]

Cold. (P365 update)

12/3 – Cold afternoon, Merrimac River 12/4 – Sunset over the airfield, Lawrence Airport 12/5 – Hot horse. 12/6 – History lies forgotten on the floor of the firehouse.  Box 12 was our last street box and was recently removed for construction.  It will return as a master box, but there are no more street […]

Dispatching Pet Peeve #16

The cool nights are finally upon us.  Yesterday it was chimney flues.  Tonight a neighboring FD on one side of me is operating at a chimney fire, and the neighboring FD on the other side is dealing with Dispatching Pet Peeve #16:  Carbon Monoxide. This one breaks down into two things which annoy me.  First, […]