12 years

At 18:13 hours on Friday, December 3, 1999, Worcester Fire Alarm struck box 1438 for the Worcester Cold Storage building at 266 Franklin Street. Before the night was over, six firefighters would perish inside the hulking, windowless six-story maze of a building. Two would lose their way while searching for possible occupants; four more would […]

The fourth degree

Late Saturday night in Sin City. I would usually be home with my family, but tonight I’ve picked up an extra shift on the transfer truck. Life has conspired with circumstance to leave me short on hours for the week. The tones drop, the lights come up. One of the other medics bursts into the […]

Taunting the EMS gods

I picked up a duty shift at the firehouse on Saturday. Papa Smurf, the Rat and I spent 16 hours protecting the citizens of Hometown. It was a weekend, so something was bound to happen. We did the daily checks on the rig. We did the weekly checks and the monthly checks. We opened the […]

More on sleep

Or perhaps it’s moron sleep? A recent post over at Life Under the Lights triggered a memory. CK, I would say you were nuts, but I’ve been there. I have sleep apnea. I suffered with it for years before finally getting diagnosis and treatment. It would probably be more accurate to say that Mrs. Mack505 […]


I don’t have it lately.  Ideas for blog posts come, bounce around inside my head briefly, perhaps emerge partially onto the keyboard and Writeroom, and then disappear before reaching maturity. Some of my favorite reads are still at it though, capturing snapshots of the wonder and passion of life in public safety.  Presented for your […]