Code Red

I found myself engaged in a bit of reflection today, for various reasons. Then I stumbled across this: Code Red I haven’t seen that video in a long time. It looks so old now. I was in Providence attending college and buffing the PFD when it was filmed. In my heart the PFD will always […]

More on sleep

Or perhaps it’s moron sleep? A recent post over at Life Under the Lights triggered a memory. CK, I would say you were nuts, but I’ve been there. I have sleep apnea. I suffered with it for years before finally getting diagnosis and treatment. It would probably be more accurate to say that Mrs. Mack505 […]

Operator, what’s the number for 911?

“Hometown Fire Department, this line is recorded. What is the nature of your emergency?” (Yes, our Red Line still goes BRRIIIIIING. It’s also still red and was built by Ma Bell. It’s a wonderful throwback to another era.) Elderly Voice: “I burned some popcorn in the microwave, and I don’t want the fire alarm to […]