We promise to ease their suffering, and they give undying devotion in return. We feed them, shelter them, care for their health, and when the time comes we provide a merciful end. It’s never as easy as it looks on paper. When we lost Chang, I penned an eloquent and emotional post. When Jasmine received […]

Best laid plans, part 2

We had plans to travel for Thanksgiving. Thankfully we were driving, because everything went pear shaped. Last weekend’s stomach bug is still lurking about, so a 9 hour drive is out of the question. Today’s post is for small thanksgivings: I’m thankful half of the family lives close enough that we can still spend the […]

I promise

Dear Beth, I promise to go back to the gym. I really do enjoy it, but life has been busy lately. I promise to try to eat better, and to do whatever I can to be around for you. I want to be there for your high school graduation and your college commencement. I plan […]