Kodak Vigilant Six-20 Junior – week 31 results

The Six-20 is a relatively easy camera to shoot. The lens is fixed focus; there is only one effective shutter speed. The only variable is aperture. The tiny waist level finder is all but useless, however. The sport finder is slightly better but is still only vaguely accurate. I find folders simply fun to use.… Continue reading Kodak Vigilant Six-20 Junior – week 31 results

Proofreading FAIL

This was in the flyer handed to me as I walked into a certain major home improvement store today. For some reason they became very defensive when I pointed it out to them. Their response was, "We're not responsible for the content of the advertising." Maybe they should be.

Facebook Ad FAIL

This guy keeps showing up in my Facebook ad bar.  What does he have to do with educational grants?  Does FB think I look like him, or that I want to become like him?  Either way, it gets a FAIL.


This week we received the registration renewal for Mrs. Mack505's car. In the message box it says, "If this vehicle is newly acquired it must be inspected within 7 days." Say it with me now: RE-NEW-AL. I'm glad to see all my taxes and fees are employing the Best and Brightest at the Massachusetts Registry… Continue reading RMV FAIL