The Spare (2021)

July 1999 A brand new EMT walks trepidatiously into the ambulance yard.  He's not completely lost; he's been a volunteer fireman for a decade.  This medical stuff is all new though.  He introduces himself to his assigned crew and mispronounces his preceptor's name.  He has no idea what is in store for him. The sun is shining, the tunes… Continue reading The Spare (2021)


A sunny Sunday morning. A crowded neighborhood; the closest thing we have to tenements, filled to the brim with people seeking the American dream and finding everything but. Paramedic 9's diesel screams at the curb, nose to nose with a fire engine in the tiny one way street. They will have to back out. We… Continue reading Muerte

What were you thinking?

Coming up on today's episode of What Were You Thinking? EMS Edition: A dispatcher confuses the medic crews, A diabetic takes his insulin and goes out for the day without eating, Texting and driving almost kills a man, A coworker loses his temper, And I make a poor first impression. Stay tuned!


There is a memorial plaque in town. I pass it regularly. I remember. I remember a sunny Saturday morning drilling at the firehouse. I remember swearing loudly and running to the engine when the tones dropped. I remember almost overshooting the address, and I remember the horrid moaning sound the engine's radial tires made as… Continue reading Memory