Week 34 – In camp

When we went on vacation this past August, I brought my Crown Graphic Pacemaker 4×5 along.  It’s a press camera, so it’s supposed to be portable, right? Well, it is portable when compared to what Mathew Brady used.  If you don’t mind carrying a substantial backpack, it’s really not too bad. I shot FP4, Ektar,Continue reading “Week 34 – In camp”

52 Cameras – Week 22 – Crown Graphic

I suppose it was inevitable. I’ve been shooting 35mm for years. Medium format was cool to learn. A Graflex was in my future eventually. A while ago my Craiglist filter turned up “some kind of Polaroid” for an outrageous price. I checked the ad anyway and discovered that the seller had what appeared to beContinue reading “52 Cameras – Week 22 – Crown Graphic”