A sunny Sunday morning. A crowded neighborhood; the closest thing we have to tenements, filled to the brim with people seeking the American dream and finding everything but. Paramedic 9’s diesel screams at the curb, nose to nose with a fire engine in the tiny one way street. They will have to back out. WeContinue reading “Muerte”

Not clear on the subject

Overheard in the medic truck: Medic 505: “So I see you’re allergic to Penncillin. What happens when you take it?” Patient Experiencing Allergic Reaction: “I don’t take it, I’m allergic.” M505: “But how do you know you’re allergic?” PEAR: “My doctor said so.” M505: “And how does he know?” PEAR: “I had a reaction.” M505:Continue reading “Not clear on the subject”


The door rolls up as I approach, and I hear the Powerstroke cough to life. I’m not on the clock for another ten minutes, but I’ll do the right thing and relieve the overnight crew. Regular Partner arrives as I take the reins, and we are off into the crisp fall morning. “Medic 9, beContinue reading “Bert”


  “Medic 9, respond for the unresponsive male. . .”   A BLS ambulance arrives before us and begins doing their thing. He has a pulse but isn't breathing. Oxygen and a BVM will take care of that for the moment. His environment suggests heroin overdose; his pinpoint pupils and track marks scream it. TheContinue reading “Tired”

Rain delay

A mild summer afternoon has turned to a muggy evening. The June storms have arrived, bringing a paradoxical increase in the temperature. We stand in the open garage bay facing south as lightning illuminates the clouds above, each flash forming shadow images on the horizon. The minor league ball game across the street has calledContinue reading “Rain delay”