Cats don’t have owners, they have servants

The small tuxedo cat watches and waits. Something is wrong. Lunch is very late. “Mrow?” she asks Frank. “Feed me?” Frank doesn’t answer. He seems very intent on his nap on the floor. It’s an odd place for Frank to nap, but it’s one of her favorite spots. Maybe he’s finally learning from her. TimeContinue reading “Cats don’t have owners, they have servants”


Silence The low hum of fluorescent workshop lights No TV; no family The gentle rasp of an old abused paintbrush A project draws to completion I can hear my breathing; feel the blood in my veins Heating pumps click and whir The boiler whooshes to life Oh, hello Hal

The week that really wasn’t

I have no excuse this week.  Project 365 has finally fallen down, even though we are readjusting to normal life.  I’ve been too busy being normal to photograph things. Beth shakes her stuff in the hula hoop competition at the Pumpkin Ball, 11/12.  Imagine a hundred elementary-aged girls, moshing their hearts out while their DadsContinue reading “The week that really wasn’t”