An Old Friend (P365 – 9/1)

Mrs. Mack505 and I are both gearheads.  We’ve enjoyed an interesting fleet of cars in our time together, including a Rabbit, two Celica All-Trac Turbos, a Dodge Dakota, a Saturn, a Rodeo, a Land Rover Discovery (Series 1), two different Mercedes, two GMC Sierras, two Suburbans and a Yukon XL, a VW Cabrio, a Maxima,Continue reading “An Old Friend (P365 – 9/1)”

Skip’s Mega Cruise (P365 – July 24)

July 24 – Now THIS is tailgating.  Beth and I went to Skip’s Drive-in in Merrimac for their annual Mega-Cruise.  There were over 550 cars in attendance, which is actually down from last year’s total.  It’s still amazing to see, and a great time for the price of a burger and fries. Beth is definitelyContinue reading “Skip’s Mega Cruise (P365 – July 24)”


or “The Joys of Classic Car Ownership, Part 2” No, I haven’t added a Gremlin to my collection.  It seems one moved into the Beetle, though. As anticipated, yesterday’s commute home was interesting.  It culminated in a complete failure of the turn signals, warning lights, and gas gauge.  When I got home, it was timeContinue reading “Gremlins”