Photo update – 3/28

Just catching up on a few photos: From back on 3/8 – I’ve mentioned the new ride but never shown it.  Here it is at the bus stop in the morning, with ‘Dog is my Co-pilot.’ 3/21 – The calendar says spring, but no one told the weathermen. 3/21 – Jasmine watches over us byContinue reading “Photo update – 3/28”

Wireless-less Wednesday, Another Milestone, and a 365 Update

I did it.  I didn’t realize how often I check my email until I forced myself not to.  I plan to make a habit of Wireless-less Wednesday. Updating photos: Overlooked from 11/13, Sebby and Jasmine doing something they rarely do: sharing. 11/21 – Moon over Mercedes. 11/22 11/23 – The second milestone for the week. Continue reading “Wireless-less Wednesday, Another Milestone, and a 365 Update”