My Minolta Uniomat rangefinder is proving to be a fun find. I won’t give a detailed review here, but simply say I find it well balanced and a pleasure to shoot. It doesn’t allow for as much control as a fully manual camera, but it takes nice shots. These were shot on expired Tri-X onContinue reading “Uniomat”

Experimental photography (P366)

With #MarchofFilm completed, I need to pay attention to Project 366 again. I’ve still been doing as much film shooting as possible. This past week saw two experiments, one successful and one not so much.   First up was an attempt at red scale photography. Redscale is a technique where film is respooled backwards soContinue reading “Experimental photography (P366)”

Impressions: Yashica-Mat LM

Twin lens reflex. I’d never considered one until recently. When I resumed shooting film and began exploring eBay, TLR’s looked interesting. My first acquisition was the Yashica-Mat LM. First impressions are of a tank of a camera. It’s all metal and very heavy. Focusing is done on a ground glass screen on the top ofContinue reading “Impressions: Yashica-Mat LM”

First impression: Olympus 35RC

It’s been an interesting month. I’ve been shooting a lot of film, and I indulged in a bit of Gear Acquisition Syndrome on eBay. One of my new toys is an Olympus 35RC. The 35RC is a pocket 35mm rangefinder manufactured in the 1970s. There is a detailed review here. First impressions are of aContinue reading “First impression: Olympus 35RC”