52 Cameras – Week 8 Results – Konica C35

The C35 proved to be a nice pocket camera. In spite of my concerns, the poor seals did not produce any light leaks. The preset aperture/shutter combinations seem to work well, although a few of my lower-light photos did show evidence of camera shake. I'll be returning to this one in the regular rotation, IContinue reading “52 Cameras – Week 8 Results – Konica C35”

52 Cameras – Week 8 – Konica C35 Automatic

Introduced in 1971, the Konica C35 Automatic is a compact ragnefinder small enough to carry in a pocket. It features a fully automatic exposure system in which the shutter speed and aperture run in predefined combinations. Mine was an eBay bargain; the leatherette is peeling from the back cover and it needs new light seals.Continue reading “52 Cameras – Week 8 – Konica C35 Automatic”