Ansco Readyflash – Week 58 results

  There’s not a lot to say about the Readyflash.It’s a plain box camera which does what it advertises. I’m very happy with the results. They show a nice focus in the center which falls off to the outside edges of the image.  There is some vignetting at the corners, which I expected with aContinue reading “Ansco Readyflash – Week 58 results”

52 Cameras – Week 25 results – Brownie Bullseye

The Bullseye was loads of fun. It takes huge 6×9 images, and I found myself burning through film. The first roll of FP4 disappeared in no time, and a roll of Ektachrome E100 quickly followed. It has a few interesting features. The shutter is set by winding the film, and a metal “lightning bolt” dropsContinue reading “52 Cameras – Week 25 results – Brownie Bullseye”

52 Cameras – Week 14 – Sabre 620

This week's medium format experiment involves the Sabre 620, a $4 flea market find. It's a cute little box camera reminiscent of the Kodak Brownie Hawkeye. It features one shutter speed and a tiny eye level viewfinder. Film advance is via the large knob on the side with a red window on the back. ThereContinue reading “52 Cameras – Week 14 – Sabre 620”