I used to write a lot. This blog started out with stories from work and evolved to chronicle my life. Along the way it became a photography blog, dabbling in a 365 Project, 52 Cameras, and most recently a roll-a-week project. But lately it’s been nothing. Zip. Nada. I’ve largely broken the Facebook addiction, butContinue reading “Focus”

Around the Blogosphere – September 22

Presented for your enjoyment and/or enlightenment, a random assortment of things I’ve found interesting recently. Like everything else at NfMH, AtB will run irregularly at my whim. For openers, Peter at Bayou Renaissance Man presents the ultimate collection of playground FAIL. Peter runs a very enlightening blog and was the inspiration for Around the Blogosphere.Continue reading “Around the Blogosphere – September 22”

Feeds, scraping, & titillating Germans

For a while now, I’ve been aware that NfMH was being scraped. I didn’t get too upset about it. Even if my text was being used to hawk tree services in Austin it was still linked back here and hopefully driving traffic my way. This all changed last week when an aggregator swiped my text,Continue reading “Feeds, scraping, & titillating Germans”


I don’t have it lately.  Ideas for blog posts come, bounce around inside my head briefly, perhaps emerge partially onto the keyboard and Writeroom, and then disappear before reaching maturity. Some of my favorite reads are still at it though, capturing snapshots of the wonder and passion of life in public safety.  Presented for yourContinue reading “Inspiration”

Gettng my head (and my data) out of the Clouds

I’m a bit of an early adopter.  I’m not on the bleeding edge of technology, but I’m out in front of many people. I’ve been into Gmail for years, since back when you needed an invitation to get an account.  I know the dangers of cloud computing; namely that your data is at the mercyContinue reading “Gettng my head (and my data) out of the Clouds”

Mutual Aid of a different sort

Everyone has heard the old cliche about cops and donuts.  The equivalent joke for paramedics centers on coffee.  Everyone knows we work high stress, weird hours, and they think we thrive on caffeine. For me it’s iced tea.  Lots of it, with lemon.  Leave the sugar in the cupboard, please.  Lately I’ve taken to brewingContinue reading “Mutual Aid of a different sort”