Week 46 – Kodak Tourist

Introduced in 1951, the Tourist was the last of Kodak's folding models. It uses medium format 620 film to produce 8 big 6×9 cm exposures. Tourists were available with a number of different lens/shutter combinations; mine is a lower end model with a fixed-focus Kodet lens in a single speed shutter. Shutter modes include (I)nstant,Continue reading “Week 46 – Kodak Tourist”

52 Cameras – Week 25 results – Brownie Bullseye

The Bullseye was loads of fun. It takes huge 6×9 images, and I found myself burning through film. The first roll of FP4 disappeared in no time, and a roll of Ektachrome E100 quickly followed. It has a few interesting features. The shutter is set by winding the film, and a metal “lightning bolt” dropsContinue reading “52 Cameras – Week 25 results – Brownie Bullseye”

52 Cameras – Week 14 – Sabre 620

This week's medium format experiment involves the Sabre 620, a $4 flea market find. It's a cute little box camera reminiscent of the Kodak Brownie Hawkeye. It features one shutter speed and a tiny eye level viewfinder. Film advance is via the large knob on the side with a red window on the back. ThereContinue reading “52 Cameras – Week 14 – Sabre 620”

52 Cameras – Week 4 – Ansco Anscoflex II

George has been pressed into service on his first day on the job. He has his shot all lined up and is ready to fire the shutter. The original photos for this post were lost in a small digital crash, something which will never happen to film. The Anscoflex II was introduced around 1954. ItContinue reading “52 Cameras – Week 4 – Ansco Anscoflex II”