Magic Smoke

I’ve been thinking it might be time to let the Volvo go. The poor old thing gets hardly any use. I have the Ural for fun, the Clarity for daily use, and the pickup for hauling & towing. The Volvo comes out when I get itchy to drive a manual transmission, or when it occurs […]

I’ve been socially distancing on the railroad

Last week Kiddo and I had an opportunity to do some work along the Milford & Bennington RR in NH. We joined a small group consisting of 3 motorcars and 6 people to clear sight lines along the right of way. The M&B is mostly dormant now, but the line remains in good shape. We […]

Quarantine Stories II: Procrastination Achievement

Years ago I set about replacing the rotten railings on the back steps. When the back steps were smacked by a tree, the job was already started but unfinished. You can see the new posts had already been installed in the link above. No reason to call a carpenter for this. How hard can it […]


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