Pandemic Vacation 2: Chocolate Bunny 2020

My second vacation of the Pandemic Era really started in 1985. That year a middle-school me joined a church group for a bicycle tour of Vermont and New Hampshire. We left White River Junction one morning and headed up the Connecticut River all the way to the Canadian border. The guards let all 22 of […]

Pandemic Vacation 1: But the lantern worked!

At the start of the pandemic last spring, my boss asked us to refrain from taking vacation days. We feared that things were going to become ridiculously busy for us. Now that we have reached August things are normalizing, and we have a different problem. Town policy says I cannot carry any vacation time beyond […]

Magic Smoke

I’ve been thinking it might be time to let the Volvo go. The poor old thing gets hardly any use. I have the Ural for fun, the Clarity for daily use, and the pickup for hauling & towing. The Volvo comes out when I get itchy to drive a manual transmission, or when it occurs […]


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