We lost Hal this morning. He was my big orange boy for almost 15 years. He’s our second Foster Fail and the last former feral in our colony. This photo is haunting me today. It’s one of my last shots of him. He looks so content, and yet ready to face whatever will come. We […]


The mountains call and I must go I have no destination Whose hills these are I surely know I’ve paid the entry fee It’s not about the peaks for me Though they have their attraction Fresh air Cool breeze And waterfalls Away from civilization No traffic and no cellphone Just me and my two feet […]

nothing creative. . .

I created today, but it’s not what you’d expect. I created a page here, a Google map layer, and a form to solicit data for it. The 4th was a wash this year, almost literally. Family outdoor plans were scuttled due to temps in the 50s and rain. (It was in the mid 90s on […]


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