I used to have a green duck umbrella. It was cute and fun and I have no idea where I got it. Many years ago I left it on a carousel in Old Orchard Beach, and I was disappointed. I found a yellow one somewhere. It died an early death at the hands of a […]

DGR 2022

Beth and I will be riding in the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride again next week. We’re doing something big & different this year in celebration of her pending graduation. Details later. 🙂 We would appreciate a buck or two for Men’s Health Research and Mental Health Support if you can spare it. Here’s the link: […]

Liberty Tree

I am a child of the 80’s. Like so many of us, I came of age at the local mall. Liberty Tree Mall was the coolest of the cool. It was anchored at one end by a local discount retailer called Ann & Hope, and at the other by local electronics legend Lechemere. It had […]


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