19 years. . .

As I was searching for a topic to start this blog, it occurred to me that last month marked 19 years on the fire department for me. In that time I’ve seen 3 chiefs, and only 2 full-time firefighters. I’ve seen 3 engines come, and 3 go. I’m on my third ladder truck.

I’ve saved a few lives, and I’ve lost (or at least been too late to save) a few others. I’ve seen one big mill fire a few years ago; one to tell the grandkids about. I’ve won commendations, and I’ve seen lots of people come and go.

I’ve seen my small suburban volunteer FD evolve from 100 runs per year to a combination department doing over 600. EMS has taken over half of what we do. We now have the technology to do things we only saw on TV years ago.

No idea where this is going, but sometimes it’s interesting to look back