I confess I don’t know the whole story. I wasn’t there to see the children or the conditions involved. What I do know is this: Social Services does not take removing a child from a home lightly. I rarely see it done, and I’ve NEVER seen it after midnight. It’s always tragic and traumatic forContinue reading “Conspiracy”


In honor of those traveling during this school vacation week, I bring you Five Innocent Things Which Make Me Look Nefarious: I photograph fire engines. I’m a firefighter, a bit of a buff, and an apparatus geek. It comes naturally. It used to be just a hobby, but in the modern world it gets someContinue reading “Profiling”


 I’ve been going through the blog tonight, making sure it’s compliant with my employer’s current social media policy.  I’m not sure if my standards had slipped, but HR’s seem a bit stricter. A few things were changed; some were removed. It’s not an unreasonable policy, and it’s probably overdue for some enforcement.  Basically it saysContinue reading “Scrub-a-dub-dub”


I’ve got nothing. Ten years ago this very minute, one of the darkest days in American history began. We discovered how much some people can hate, and we would discover the depths and strength of the American soul in the days that followed. I don’t have anything profound to say. Please take the time toContinue reading “Speechless”

And the hits just keep on coming

“We deal with sick people all day long with detached efficiency, but when it’s one of us, the reality of our vulnerability hits home. This job has a way of making us feel invincible, untouched by the sickness and suffering that surround us daily. It seems inconceivable that one of our own may have succumbed.Continue reading “And the hits just keep on coming”