A small city-owned apartment. Usually they are filled to bursting, a honeycomb of micro-hoards straining against steel doors and cinder block walls. This one is different. It still consists of the obligatory two rooms plus kitchen and bath; it’s still painted Institutional Cream; it’s only accessible via a smelly, undersized elevator. Instead of the usualContinue reading “Threadbare”

Medium format (P366 – 4/15, 16)

April 11-14 are still undeveloped in the Argus C3. I have 4 cameras currently loaded with 35mm film, and I had the urge to shoot medium format instead. 4/15 – Early morning light in Beverly harbor, shot with the Holga 120N and Portra 400. 4/16 – Cemetery wall @the farm. Holga/Portra.  

Social Media Sadness

This afternoon Scott Kier (@MedicSBK) asked the following on Twitter: Question for the masses: Just because you “Follow” someone on Twitter, does that mean you support their cause/beliefs? My initial reaction was, “Of course not!” I believe that maintaining an interest in a person’s views and statements can be valuable without implying endorsement. It’s aContinue reading “Social Media Sadness”