Damned mice!

October 4: The garage mice have started chewing on my power tools. The cord on my orbital sander is down to about 2 feet long. It has a new plug though! I’m going full Terminator on the mice. They’re cute, but only when they stay outside. One down so far…


The mountains call and I must go I have no destination Whose hills these are I surely know I’ve paid the entry fee It’s not about the peaks for me Though they have their attraction Fresh air Cool breeze And waterfalls Away from civilization No traffic and no cellphone Just me and my two feet… Continue reading Zealand

Wet & sad

Hans is very disappointed to be out in the rain this morning. The holiday weekend is coming, and we need to get ready. Return of the Wayback Machine: July 2, 2020 - the Day the Volvo Died 😥 July 2, 2016 - MinsGame Day 2

Long, hot day

It has been a long hot day. We’re in the third day of an official heat wave; it topped 100F in Boston for the first time since 1940-something. We brought Steven back from the Medical Examiner’s Office today. All of our available crews stood vigil for the motorcade while neighboring FD’s covered for us. He… Continue reading Long, hot day