Mt Holyoke

I rode Mrs March505’s Super73 ebike to the summit of Mt Holyoke today. It was great. I felt like I was cheating when I passed a pair of ‘real’ cyclists on the way up. They were friendly and cheerful though. Oh, and I desperately need a shave. Sorry. Vacation mode.


I have a fascination with odd bags from the army/navy store. I’ve cycled a number of them through my closet over the years. Some last longer than others. This one is supposedly a “Hungarian Medic Bag.” It’s weatherized and makes a good pannier for my commuter, and it cost a whopping $12.99. Predicted temperature for… Continue reading Panniers

Wayback Recap

Back on the 6th I promised that the Wayback Machine would return 'tomorrow.' Oops. January 6 2017: a clock2013: Welcome Home.2012: Reunion III2011: What's the Number for 911?2010: Sentry and a P365 entry That's all for now. It's getting late and I have things planned for tomorrow. Stay tuned!